Tristan Tate on the First Things THRST podcast with Mike Thurston

Tristan Tate, nicknamed the “Talisman", is a former European kickboxing champion; social media personality and entrepreneur from Luton, England.

Despite his elder brother Andrew seizing the current limelight, Tristan is equally responsible for the duos’ luxury lifestyle by contributing to the development of enterprises like The Real World, the evolution of "Hustler’s University".

In this episode on the First Things THRST podcast, learn more about Tristan’s background and the obstacles that helped carve the man he is today.

0:00:00 - Introduction
0:00:35 - Tristan’s Nickname ‘Talisman’
0:02:21 - Lifestyle, dating and relationships in Dubai
0:06:15 - The hidden side of Dubai: girls and escort culture
0:14:43 - What is Tristan looking for?
0:15:58 - The ‘hoe phase’ and the attraction of success
0:19:01 - Brotherhood: Tristan’s relationship with Andrew
0:23:50 - Becoming an outlier male
0:27:34 - Day in the life and the future for the Tate brand
0:30:15 - ‘Cancelled’
0:32:30 - Tristan’s experience on reality TV: first taste of hate
0:38:04 - Grief, loss and dealing with difficult times
0:41:10 - Biggest fears?
0:43:30 - Life changing experience of having children
0:47:33 - Tristan on raising his children, difference between raising boys and girls
0:52:20 - Travelling
0:54:50 - Finding your purpose
0:56:02 - Gaining trust and deciding who to do business with
0:59:36 - Tristan’s advice to young men
1:02:32 - Reading: books as ‘entertainment’
1:05:32 - ‘University monopoly’
1:08:24 - Tristan’s advice on procrastination
1:10:22 - Relationships: the comfort pit and “being the man”
1:15:52 - Love
1:21:34 - Break ups and heartbreak
1:29:11 - Tristan’s advice on becoming a better looking man
1:32:56 - Tristan’s advice to ‘shy guys’
1:35:22 - Alcohol & Cigars
1:38:56 - Ending

The Real World, with Andrew Tate