SNEAKO and Dylan Madden Discuss How to Escape the Matrix

Dylan Madden sits down with Sneako to discuss Islam, Dubai, escaping the matrix, Andrew Tate, how to create content, how to go viral, and much more.

Sneako has been creating content online for 10 years. That shows you how this internet game is a long-term one. Sneako started at 14 years old and used to work with Mr. Beast. His internet history is long and varied. He recently met with Kanye West and regularly goes on big podcasts. Sneako was "cancelled" from BotTube (his words) last year and now creates videos on Rumble.

00:00 - Introduction
01:18 - How can you get into the online content creation game
03:06 - The Real Word
05:21 - How to go from value content to influencer
06:15 - How Sneako creates content ideas
10:27 - How Sneako recommends creating content in 2023 with cancel culture
11:56 - Sneako asks Dylan, "What's the biggest mindset shift you learned from Andrew Tate?"
13:11 - How Andrew Tate made Dylan's income for the "next five years" in one day
18:20 - The Rise of Andrew and Tristan Tate on social media
19:37 - Sneako on how important the real world is
20:14 - Dylan asks Sneako how to escape the matrix
20:40 - Use your social media addiction as a tool
21:18 - Content creators are the next billionaires
21:25 - Sneako says Logan Paul will become president
21:35 - Mr. Beast is the next Elon Musk
25:40 - Dylan's addictive personality
27:36 - Dylan on talking to his own mind
28:00 - Your mind is an ally, your friend
28:37 - Sneako says people don't think for themselves
29:16 - What Dylan admires about Sneako
29:48 - Sneako making it out of the social media distraction world
32:15 - Men give up on their dreams for dopamine and Tom Brady
34:21 - Sneako compares Miami and Dubai
34:41 - Sneako moving to Dubai?

The Real World, with Andrew Tate