Justin Waller Opens up on Andrew Tate & How to Sell Anything to Anyone

Justin Waller joins Rob on the Disruptors Podcast for a discussion on masculinity and the role of men in the world including the unique challenges men face.

They also dive deep into politics and the wide-reaching impact this has on everything as well as discuss the disappearance of work ethic, the difficulties with taxes and even the importance of the super-rich in the world today.

0:00:00 - Justin Waller
0:01:16 - Censorship & Free Speech
0:10:12 - How to Win at Life
0:21:49 - How to Make Millions
0:26:22 - How to Invest
0:31:46 - The Death of The USA
0:46:07 - How The World Really works
0:52:20 - Andrew & Tristan Tate
1:01:18 - Andrew Tate The Truth
1:10:34 - Being a Sigma Male
1:16:56 - What is a Real Man
1:21:50 - Can Money Buy Happiness
1:28:09 - Feminism & Racism
1:36:52 - How to Sell

The Real World, with Andrew Tate