Andrew Tate with Rob Moore on the Disruptors Podcast

The controversial Andrew Tate has been dubbed the most hated man in the world, being called everything from a misogynist to an internet idol and is the 3rd most googled person of 2022!

He joins Rob Moore in the craziest series of episodes he has ever done, to talk frankly and openly about a whole host of topics. In this first instalment, they discuss business, women and who really controls the world we live in.

0:00:00 Who Controls The World
0:11:25 The Slave Mind & Assassination
0:22:20 Being The Most Googled Man on The Planet
0:25:41 Is Andrew tate Misunderstood?
0:33:13 Money & The Matrix
0:42:42 What is Enlightenment
0:46:12 Overcoming Trauma & Death
0:53:34 Prove Yourself Or Your a Loser
1:18:16 How Andrew Tate Made His First $Million$
1:25:15 Car Collection & Girlfriends
1:34:58 Is Andrew Tate a Misogynist?
1:37:08 I Knew They Would Cancel Me

The Real World, with Andrew Tate