Andrew Tate vs Logan Paul? Podcast with Sean O'Malley

How many fights has Andrew had, Logan Paul vs Andrew Tate, dealing with internet fame and hate, and more.

0:00:00 Clubbing in Abu Dhabi & Dubai
0:02:42 How many fights has Andrew had?
0:06:21 Logan Paul vs Andrew Tate?
0:10:25 Dealing with internet fame & hate
0:19:01 Andrew’s personal thoughts on anxiety and depression
0:23:00 The six minutes of a recovered cam angle
0:24:24 Why was Andrew banned?
0:34:07 VIAA Hemp Sponsor
0:34:37 Monogamy in our society
0:39:06 Andrew’s biggest advantage when fighting
0:40:30 Crypto & our generation
0:41:15 Tik Tok & Children
0:47:20 When did Andrew get good at debating?
0:49:52 Andrew’s thoughts on weed
0:55:43 What he would do when he wasn’t fighting
0:58:23 CHOQ Sponsor
1:00:14 Andrew’s Internet Cancellation
1:14:51 Does Andrew always charter jets?
1:17:20 Why Andrew doesn’t like Teslas
1:18:00 Andrew pulled up in the Bugatti
1:27:00 Dangers of wearing watches in London
1:30:30 Andrew going to train Jiu Jitsu?
1:31:25 BJJ in the street?
1:35:00 Andrew Tate on Sean O’Malley vs Petr Yan
1:41:30 Andrew says Dana white is a G
1:45:27 Sean & Tim coming to Romania with Tate

The Real World, with Andrew Tate