Andrew Tate Uncensored Interview: Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds meets Andrew Tate for an exclusive and uncensored interview.

They debate on topics around property, women, marriage, investments and business.

Why Andrew Tate doesn't hide away


Andrew Tate has been criticized for his content. However, he doesn't hide away because it is his duty to tell the truth. He is in a unique position where he can talk about subjects that not many people can.

Andrew Tate's main message


The main message is to be a critical thinker and to examine every strongly held belief you have and try and identify where it comes from and why you have it.

The people who make the rules don't make them for the benefit of everybody, but for the people that make the rules.

The Matrix and how it affects us


In the Matrix, people are harvested for their body heat and their minds are occupied by a computer-generated reality.

In the modern world, people's minds are constantly distracted by garbage. People are convinced to act in certain ways and do certain things which are not necessarily in their best interest.

Education is becoming decentralized


Education is becoming decentralized with the Internet. Andrew built his own university that teaches purely online wealth creation methods.

Traditional education tells you to go to school, then go to college and get in debt. Then they want you to take on more debt, if possible, in the form of a mortgage. Once you're in debt, it's difficult to quit your job. The system is designed to make sure that people are conditioned to obey.

Why was Andrew Tate canceled


They canceled Andrew because he became the most Googled man on the planet. He had mass influence over the youth, especially 18 to 24 year-old males. They try to police that demographic. Andrew is telling the population, the subsect of the population that they're most fearful of, to think for themselves.

Being removed from social media


Andrew was removed from Instagram and other social media platforms. He has since moved to Rumble where he got 600k subs in 2-3 weeks.

The next few years


The cost of living crisis in the UK and all over the world is getting worse. The average salary is about 25-30 grand a year. Most people don't understand economics as a whole. People who are poor always get poorer, and the asset owners always get richer.

The idea from the 1950s that you can just be the normal, average, law abiding, hardworking citizen and have a good life is gone. Just doing your job is never going to make you rich because you're going to be taxed into infinity.

Most rich people don't own anything. Nike doesn't pay tax because it has two companies, one in Belize (low tax rate) and one in Europe (high tax rate). The European company has a debt to Belize, to use the trademark, and pays its profit to Belize, to legally evade taxes.

What is Andrew Tate buying


There are people who are making a lot of money and they don't know where to put it. Finding a place where to put the money is a big problem. Especially with inflation as rampant as it is.

Andrew doesn't want to be within the control of a government. He doesn't like money in the bank and he doesn't feel comfortable with money in a house as that can be taken away. That's why he prefers investing in digital real estate.

The importance of renting


There's a lot to say about renting because it allows you flexibility and it's a good way to make money.

Money is constantly moving all the time. And if you can find a way to get in between it and stand in the right place at the right time, you can steal it. A lot of people have done that.

The importance of having a network


In Andrew's network, he has hundreds of people who he talks to, all having the same goals.

Andrew met a kid in Romania who took pictures of expensive cars. In exchange, the kid received email addresses of the richest man in Romania. He figured out that you have to be near the money to make money. Andrew ended up hiring him.

The only things that Andrew Tate sells


The only things that Andrew Tate sells to the world are his educational platform and his network.

The world is changing so fast in real time that a lot of the advice about how to make money is outdated. You need to talk to people on the cutting edge.

How to make money from scratch


The easiest way to get rich today is to take a commission. Find someone who has an existing product or service and help sell it.

Will Andrew Tate do a speaking event


Andrew is doing his first speaking event in Dubai. He is heavily invested in Dubai and has a lot of money there. He's going to talk about the tenets he follows in life.

Does Andrew regret anything he's done


In the last 6-12 months, he has been the target of a lot of attacks. He doesn't regret anything because he believes everything he says is true.

He is upset about the way the world treats men's mental health. He believes the world doesn't give a lot of attention to men's issues.

The Real World, with Andrew Tate