Andrew Tate on The Ahmad Mahmood Show

Andrew Tate joins Ahmad Mahmood to discuss about the purpose of life, happiness, crazy stories and more.

0:00:00 - Intro
0:02:15 - Andrew Tate on Dubai, the Best City on Earth
0:05:11 - Andrew Tate tells you the purpose of life
0:07:55 - Andrew Tate's future plans after his Ban from Social Media
0:14:13 - Andrew Tate tells you the real meaning of Happiness
0:21:24 - How Andrew Tate became so well informed
0:27:56 - How to build Confidence and how to love yourself
0:32:02 - Has Andrew Tate struggled with any Mental Health issues
0:33:38 - Has the Matrix Ever contacted Andrew Tate
0:36:06 - Andrew Tate on Islam
0:39:13 - What has Made Andrew Tate the most Money
0:45:39 - Andrew Tate explains Hustlers University and why he started it
0:50:28 - Andrew Tate speaks about cryptocurrencies
0:54:53 - Andrew Tate's biggest strengths
0:58:06 - The Meaning of Top G
0:58:40 - Why Andrew Tate missed his Fathers Funeral
1:06:57 - Why Andrew Tate is the luckiest Man on the Planet
1:09:07 - Why Andrew Tate hates Drugs and Vapes
1:15:52 - Andrew Tate on GYM and supplements
1:18:30 - Andrew Tate tells you the Craziest story Involving a Girl
1:24:42 - Andrew Tate tells you the craziest fight story
1:29:23 - Andrew Tate on the Piers Morgan Interview
1:31:31 - Andrew Tate speaks about his Mother
1:34:50 - Andrew Tate tells you how much money is enough
1:40:33 - Will Andrew Tate grow out his hair
1:46:00 - Andrew Tate explains his Tattoos and why he started doing Music
1:48:35 - What are Andrew Tate's daily habits
1:56:13 - Outro

The Real World, with Andrew Tate