By Andrew Tate

Hustler's University (HU)

Hustler's University has been upgraded to The Real World (TRW)

Welcome To Hustler's University

Hustler's University (HU) is an exclusive community where you have private access to learn:

E-commerce, Dropshipping, Amazon FBA, Crypto, Stocks, Business Management, Personal Finance, and more!

Each professor is verified by Andrew Tate personally and have made well over $1M in profits using the methods they teach in Hustler's University.

The game has changed. Traditional routes of acquiring skills and trades are outdated.

The world is online.

The new trades and skills which will benefit your life are online.

This is the new era of learning.

Hustler's University by Andrew Tate upgraded to The Real World (TRW)


“I was a HU member. Will I have access to TRW?”

All HU students have FREE access to The Real World as long as they kept their HU subscription ACTIVE.

“How do I get access to TRW?”

The app was released on November 14, 2022. An invitation was sent to your email.

If you did not have an active HU subscription, you can join The Real World now.